Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lowered expectations

I just got through rolling up abilities for a bunch of pre-gen characters using strictly 3d6 in order. The last one came up with the following stats:

Str 15 Dex 12 Con 11 Int 14 Wis 11 Cha 14

When I finished my reactions was, "Wow, this guy's impressive!" It then occurred to me how different my reaction would have been had I rolled those same stats when I was a teenager playing AD&D using Method I: "Shit, this guy sucks, not even one 18. I want to re-roll!"


  1. Wow, for 3d6 in order, that guy sure is a powerhouse!

  2. I was gonna say, 'wow, perfect for a half-orc assassin,' but he doesn't meet the CON requirement of 13. :( Maybe sthe DM will let me swap CHA and CON....

    1. Swap scores? Never! (Though I may allow the lose-2-to-gain-1 trade-offs, but that wouldn't help here because CON and CHA are the two abilities that can't be modified). Also, I'm thinking of going with just the B/X classes to keep things simple, so no 1/2-orcs and no assassins.

  3. Heck yes, under Moldvay you could get to an 18 Str by reducing Int and Wis ... go RULE. :)