Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homemade Labyrinth Lord Referee Screen

I keep wanting to call it a "DM screen," but since in Labyrinth Lord the DM is the Labyrinth Lord, that would be equivalent to calling it a Labyrinth Lord Labyrinth Lord screen. In any event, after my quite recent purchase and review of the official LL referee screen, I decided to make my own. Why?

First, let me say that I think the one put out by Goblinoid Games is an outstanding piece of work and there's absolutely nothing objectively wrong with it. However, subjectively I found myself thinking that the size of the typeface on it is a little on the small side, and after a couple of hours of gaming that could become taxing on the eyes. I especially wanted the combat charts to be bigger and also placed in a more prominent position toward the top of the screen, since those are the most used tables and I don't want to have to crouch down to look at numbers in 10 point font on the bottom of the screen. It also seems to me that there's a lot of stuff on the official screen that I wouldn't need to have always right in front of me, so by eliminating that stuff I could free up a good deal of space to make the combat charts larger and thus more readable. Finally, although I'm not particularly hung up on the portrait vs. landscape orientation (I'm pretty tall and don't have too much difficulty looking over the taller screen), I do find the greater visibility offered by a landscape-oriented screen to be a plus.

So here are the three panels of my screen:

I know Labyrinth Lordies love their Souvenir font due its use in the Moldvay/Cook rulebooks, but I decided to use what I think is the most readable font ever invented, Excelsior, sized 14 point for the to hit tables and 12 point for most of the rest. Now I'm just waiting for the Savage Worlds customizable GM screen that I just purchased to slide these into. Oh, and if you look at the Missile Weapon Range table, you'll notice I incorporated a bit of house ruling into it by giving distinct ranges for the light and heavy crossbows (I used the AD&D Player's Handbook values).


  1. Very nice Chris. My LL screen is in the mail and so I haven't yet seen it with my own eyes, but I must admit I have a soft spot for homemade screens.

    1. Thanks! The LL screen is very nice, and I'm really torn between it and my homemade one here, given how awesome the artwork is. I'll probably end up switching back and forth, depending on my mood LOL